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The Portal and Beyond

May 13, 2018

I felt compelled to blog simply because I don’t have the audience I’m used to when I’m making a collection. Usually I’m surrounded by friends, creative opinions, models and photographers that can help me visualize my collection while in process. “Designing in the Dark” was a phrase used in college when you work without anyone’s opinion.. I like to avoid that.


For the past 10 years I’ve been focusing on the art of design and clothing construction, while slowly integrating fashionable concepts to form a brand. Since then I've obtained a Bachelors in Fine Art and over a dozen fashion shows under my belt including NYFW and soon LAFW.  While my resume may seem long I am still finding my aesthetic as a designer, and slowly finding my place in the fashion industry.


One of the collections main inspiration came directly from a great friend of mine, Stylist Bliss Foster, who introduced me to Tomoko Nakamichi’s Pattern Magic. This was right after my recent collection which I felt lacked true individuality, and I was feeling lost in basic shapes, and trends and I was over it. The books introduced a challenge, interesting shapes, new techniques, and concepts I could adapt my style to. I was in pattern drafting bliss for weeks, even when I moved I was still drafting from the book playing with shapes, and testing fabric weights. One of the techniques I loved was “The Portal” (that’s the name I gave it I forgot what they called it).


I first saw the shape on a dress I instantly felt like the placement was wrong and unflattering and thought it would be best suited for menswear. Fabric weight also played a huge part in the concept and I’m still testing that, and so far I have used the concept with a burgundy light weight knit, and a black cotton fleece. While the cotton fleece shows the definition and shape the knit has an excellent fit, but it may need to be reshaped because it’s so lightweight. Also finishings are going to play a huge part in this collection and doing a lot of research to fine the best way to elevate these shapes.


“The Portal” will also be used in womenswear as well but tastefully, and will be seen on a later blog post. 


What should i post next??? 

Questions or Comments please message me on Instagram @Klydedaglyde 



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