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Fittings: Dominique

August 28, 2018

Ohh yes I have a blog now!
Just having the space to openly communicate is amazing!!!

..but anyway

Yes we are on the road to LAFW and we are having fittings and Dominique is my 3rd fitting but she’s the first I will blog about.

Dominique came to came to me via social media and I loved her look. With this collection being so versatile I wanted to include models of different sizes
as well and I also loved that she admitted to being on a weight loss journey .. it all jus worked out.

At this point of the collection my biggest concern is fit!
Will it fit??

I was already informed that my menswear didn’t work out from a shoot because of fit.. very disappointing might I add..

Nevertheless the goal was to expand my thought and not to staple looks and pieces together and to try everything on. This is why I love separates..

Here are some looks we played with at my Haus..

-The first look was our black “Portal Dress” a simple black dress with a unique cutout

-The second look was a striped dress made similar to my Z-Dress but more!!!

-We also mixed a lot of things.. like this parachute trouser and Z-Shirt which worked well together. Almost looked like a gown, and evening look!

-She asked to try on the “Portal Dress” and it worked well!!

-I took the leap had her try on my men’s pants, and I’m glad I did!!! Great look on her!!!

Overall amazing fitting!!






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