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Touched for the very first time, LAFW

October 19, 2018


Whew chile LAFW

I felt like a virgin, presenting this collection.. 


When I tell you the preparation for this show was painstakingly stressful to say the least. The goal was to blog about the process but that became difficult from just a tablet and a phone, plus a career change and still getting used to life in Southern California. Nevertheless, here is my post…


LAFW the good the bad and the ugly..


I think the best part about LAFW was the platform that I was presenting on, my goal as a designer has been to present my work on the highest platform as possible, and to convey a strong message about who I am and where I want to stand as an emerging designer in this industry.


This collection was the first step in the direction of coming into my own aesthetic. Inspired by time and process, and unlike most of my collections, this one had a life of its own. As a designer I find myself experimenting, learning, and growing and sometimes that process happens before, or after a collection and this collection grew through the very trying process. I’ve found myself with time to create work that directly spoke to me as a designer,  what started out as a simple exploration led me down a rabbit hole of possibilities, and with learning new techniques I’ve found myself not in control of what I was producing. This collection consists of a variety of unique yet casual pieces, that make a bold statement, while using vintage notes, trendy elements, and easy fabrics to illustrate a ready to wear collection for those living outside the box.


…...basically this collection was a full exploration of what I can do, next is to elevate what I have.


Ugh, let’s talk about the bad, I’m not sure where to even start because this has been a complete rollercoaster. Now making a collection is very difficult especially when your over analytical, and cant take the concept of fittings so you make pieces and pieces and pieces just to have just in case. Resulting in a collection of corresponding fabrics, and repeated shapes and a lot of clothes that need to be finished. This collection consisted of over 26 looks, yes looks not pieces.


Now…. this marketing group that I went through was so difficult to contact and was slow with delivering information, but that’s how it works apparently. It was very weird because I knew everything I needed to know but I was being so over analytical I felt like I needed their validation through this process. I created most of my own stress and could’ve easily stopped making clothes after 15 looks. At one point everyday I would wake up and stare at my pieces, no thought just a blank stare as my mind raced searching for new solutions to answers I never asked myself. It was quite mind boggling. Closer to the show everything felt like it was closing in, work became stressful, personal life was going to hell, and my start of a love life was holding on by a strand.


This moment was like a train, a train that I couldn’t stop or control with two options stay on or jump off.



Photos provided by Kei @flyprokei





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