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The Sketchbook Project (Part 1)

January 26, 2019

So this Sketchbook Project I have been working on has been a great way to creatively relieve stress. When I was in college participating in the Sketchbook Project I would fill a page every time I felt my most creative, and I’m keeping that same energy. This blog post is in relationship to the first few pages of my sketchbook, and I will have another post once I complete the book.


The very first thing I did when I received my book was remove the pages because I CAN NOT with light weight paper. Like I knew I needed something that could at least hold water, if you know what I mean. I choose a 100 pound bristol paper which is great for most media, and actually sewed the book together myself. I knew no matter what I was gonna do I needed something heavy. I also put less pages that whats was in the book originally because I knew i wanted quality over quantity.


Originally the book was to tell a story, I wanted to illustrate a story about “Things I’ve left behind” Labeling my book “The Toucan in the Oak Tree”...yeah that didn’t work out. At first I wanted to use classic monuments from home (RIchmond,Va), along with mixed media and printmaking. I was going to include a poem I wrote (not a poet), some 6 word stories, I had it all planned out essentially, but the Art Gods spoke otherwise. Subsequently leaving me with an interesting yet, possibly misleading cover..but its working!


If you are not aware yet, but I have a slight obsession with clothes, very slight. To the point I created a printmaking series of printed shirts. So funny to me, hopefully someone gets that…




So far, each page in my book has been an expression, a moment in which I just felt compelled to create and I just followed my instinct.

The first opening is a sketch of pants I designed for an artist fried, that exist in real life, that facing page is a cool collage of type. The type I used from a poster I received when I purchased these cool shoes from Clarks designed by Christopher Raeburn recommended to me by cool stylish friend. I also sketched that same shoe a few pages back and used the same poster on the following page as a cool background to my Tshirt Prints! Facing that page an early morning free sketch.  I continued with the concept of expressing my love for clothing using printmaking, mixed media, and ink. The more I add the more I want to mix different elements of fashion. The idea on using tissue paper pattern pieces came from nowhere, I literally ran and ripped a piece. The next page is from my first youtube video in which I was showing people how to print make, using ghost prints in my sketchbook. I want the reader to see what that I am a fashion artist.


So far this book is opening me up to who I am as an artist, and I’m loving it!


Check out my studio page to see more progress of my book and other projects!!!


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