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Haus of Klyde: Homecoming

April 22, 2019


Whew chile!
I swear to god,

I’m going to be more consistent with my blog post…

No excuses!!

I’m sure you have mad questions, like where tf these T-shirts came from, and me showing a collection next week, my podcast, the website update.. Etc!


I promise this is all apart of my plan but I’ve been busy with client work this month as well, so I’ve been working but haven't really had the time to document. On top of the fact that my camera has gone retarded on me, just to find out that I’m retarded and the camera is fine. Plus other personal issue, facing trauma head on and dealing with change from within and handling everything well to be honest.


...so let's talk about my homecoming, as corny as it sounds..


In a few days I will be flying home to be apart of RVA Fashion Week and I can’t be more excited.


I will be presenting my collection on Friday, April 26th 

I will also be vending Saturday, April 27th



RVA Fashion Week has been apart of my journey as a artist and designer, and to be honest has set the standard for me as to what and how I would want a fashion show/week to go. I started out as a model when I took off from school, and I wrote a blog then as well..when I had a blogspot. Then I wanted to talk about the show as hell, and I interviewed models about their current and past experiences.


“Leading up to Rva Fashion Week I knew it was going to be an exciting experience and great opportunity. Workshops at MTK Auto allowed me to practice and work with other models that I've got to know very well, and others I knew previously. All the models were beautiful and talented, and I'm sure will get more opportunities after the Rva Fashion Week. “




Who Knew that a year later I would be presenting a collection a year later as a college graduate. My collection consisted of 13 looks that were inspired by my portfolio which  juxtaposed the rise of denim in America and The Gold Rush with contemporary lines and modern fashion trends. My collection was a representation of the versatility of denim that began as a labor fabric and through American fashion trends became iconic to the rebellion. ( I deadass stole that from my other blog).


...but anyway here I am about 4 years later coming back just to present on a platform that I call home.


This collection is an extension of my Summer/Spring collection from LAFW, which is inspired by Japanese pattern drafting techniques, and


genderless shapes, while using unique lines, and a whimsical touch. This is the second step to me finding myself as a designer, taking the leap to make unique and unorthodox shapes and one of kind pieces while staying on trend. I always like to take the time to research new techniques and ideas, that can build my brand, and add to my aesthetic.


I’ve also been looking for ways to add to my brand, like t-shirts. So I started to printing my own shirts again like I was in college. Printing my own shirts are easier and less expensive than ordering wholesale, because you can control the quantity and can experiment with the process to create unique personalized designs. This also cut costs and eliminate third party issues. I plan on creating and selling shirts as a way to extend my prints that I also have been working on and to build my brand as well.



With me coming home I will be bringing the heat! I will have unreleased T-shirts, never before seen pieces and they all are for sale. I also will be asking everyone’s opinion on my work and where brand so I can move forward in the right direction.


I can’t wait to go home and be around everyone and to be in such a familiar creative energy to see friends and family and meet new people to connect with.


Check out my podcasts because I will be recording a lot of moments, and having open conversations with my fellow artist and designers about what they are doing and what are the seeing around them.


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