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Haus of Klyde Rebranding Experiment.

May 12, 2019

Idk about you guys but I've been feeling really Re-brandish lately..


Although I've been seeing success in my work I feel like I haven't been hitting the mark personally on what I want to do and where I want to be. Since my move to California I have fell away from what other people want and getting to what Klyde wants, from his life and from his brand. Being that I'm stubborn I thought I would start by doing things I usually forbid myself from doing. Crazy enough one of them was not wearing my own clothes with the concept that they are worth a lot money and my goal is to sell them.. well no more.


For a week I decided to record to process of me wearing pieces that I've made, disregarding any beliefs on how much its worth. This was tough, not only did I just agree to wear my interesting pieces to work, but also to rid myself of the concept of how delicate my pieces are. This was also tough because my recent collection is in my best friends trunk in NYC. Go figure. So I was left with never before seen pieces, old pieces and pieces that aren't quite ready.


Now I agreed to this without fully looking in my closet, because I almost backed out twice.


What I've gained from this process is a whole new insight of what Haus of Klyde means and what it means to be a lifestyle brand. I'm sure I will do this again, and I'm sure I will blog about it. I'm currently re branding myself and with that will comes with a lot of experiments, stay tuned. 

What perfect time to start something than on Monday! I really wanted to start just wearing the things I’ve made. I thought I would start simple with a T-shirt I embroidered and my Reversible Denim Jacket. Now In Cali you don’t need a jacket but this morning was chilli. 

This jacket originated as an extension of my Denim Rush Collection that I used for my portfolio for college and showed in Rva Fashion Week! The jacket started at as 2 different jackets and I put them together after not finding the lining I wanted. The bleached side of the jacket was distressed in bleached in separate pieces first and then sewn together, and yes the pockets are fully functional. 

And un-importantly I’m wearing worn out @levis and worn out @vans because that’s how I like it. 


I think what’s funny about what I wore today is that i originally had pants I made that I was going to wear. But I had a busted seam and my machine needs a needle... so I throw on my worn out Levi’s.. just to get to work and realize I have the same hole in the same place as the pants I originally had on. 


                                                            Alright for day 2. I fucking loooove this shirt concept like I really do and I’m confused in how I haven’t sold any of these shirts. No Worries though I'm gonna wear it! The stripes was a mistake on my part I ordered the completely wrong fabric and decided to use it anyway, but to dye it to make it look different. The fabric was died Kelly Green and Yellow. Today I’m wearing a home cheap H&M Jeans and my cool ninja shoes recommend by my stylish bro @blissfoster.


So! This is Day 3 I was gonna give y’all the full scoop on these pants but my phone died! I made these pants last night.. ran up in Joann Fabrics real quick picked my two fave prints and went with it.  













I’m not gonna lie I almost forgot to record and take pictures today. So this post is late! But nevertheless it’s day 4 wearing my own pieces that I’ve made. Today I’m wearing jeans that I’ve distressed my self and a shirt I printed years ago. This whole look was made about 3 years ago when I lived in Va. I love these pants a lot and I will not sell them however it’s taken me a while to actually wear them... I deadass thought I was gonna get hit by a truck For this being the 4th day I can say that I’ve learned a lot from my own self about my own brand. Sounds stupid but I’m saying that wearing my own pieces has taught me that my brand is an aesthetic! Not a gimmick but I choice of wanting something different.











Thank god it’s Friday! Day 5 today I’m wearing my snakeskin joggers! These pants were apart of my senior collection for school! I also made a pant which now belongs to my best friend because he wears them to work. I randomly found this fabric in Joann’s and haven’t seen it again! I’ve searched high and low for the 7oz Denim with 10% spandex and a snakeskin gold leaf print!?! 









I know it’s Saturday and I'm probably not going anywhere but I stepped out the house to show that  continuing my challenge. This embroidered crew neck was originally made to test out the colors my machine when I was an embroiderer. Each quote took over 30 minutes... I know because I would try to do it during lunch. This crew neck never sold! It sat on my website forever and people messaged me to hold it for them but I’m glad no one bought it because it’s such a rare piece. These shorts I made as apart of my collection from LAFW but it never made it to the runway and ended up my clothes draw. I also embroidered my logo on these shorts.. and I have a few more. They just haven’t been seen. 



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