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From Paper to T-Shirt

July 15, 2019

The T-shirt is the new blank canvas.

I believe I’ve said that before on another blog post. 

Nevertheless, it's true in the world of Art,  Fashion and Graphic Design. 

Some artists make millions from designing graphics for T-shirts, and selling shirts has been proven to be extremely lucrative to emerging designers like myself.

However, I’ve struggled for years with the concept of what would be on a Haus of Klyde T-shirt. Although I was hand printing shirts in college I didn’t consider the concept because I was still lacking in presentation at that point as an artist, and I still wasn't putting my work on the pedestal it deserves. So it took me several years after graduation college to get back to that point. 


I have mentioned before that I love printmaking, like it's a thin line between art and graphic design and I’ve always felt like printmaking was going to be the vehicle to bond my art to my fashion. 


Now! What your really here for is how I managed to get my art from a linoleum block print on paper to a beautifully unique T-shirt design.

I started with a 4x4 easy carve Linoleum block that I carved with no intent whatsoever on the outcome. I have been trying for months, non subjective drawings and illustrations, so I felt confident carving straight into it with no previous sketch. I just felt the lines and remained confident. From there I printed it on paper in black first. 

..Now the concept of it being a T-shirt design came only months after the first print. Before that I was mapping out my next T-shirt design and It


wasn't an organic process for me and I wasn't satisfied with the outcome. I like everything to be organic. 


One night I was stoned, and I was feeling extremely creative, Saltivas over Indica kids, and I wanted to see what this design would look like in a


large 12x12 square, and it read well, I loved how the lines matched.

I looked over and there it was, one single, blank white shirt. I damn near leaped at it and started printing on the shirt, switching inks of course. I started with the back and after it dried I added the print to the front. This was to replicate the skateboard brand look that is very popular and I wanted to hit a trend. I fell in love, I'm sure this is how Picasso felt when he did his first abstract piece. It isn't by the way, but I'm sure he had some sort of “AHA!” moment. 


I knew the best way to elevate the designs was to transfer it from a block printing process to a silkscreen process which would give it a clean look on the fabric.


Now I have been printing my own t-shirts and I also have been looking for a way to elevate that process as well to create clean consistent prints for my shirts. I discovered that they are companies that take care of the emulsion process and will send your screen for the same price it takes to buy, and create it with less hassle and time...and mess. 

I felt this design was the perfect moment to elevate my brand as a whole, but my money's tight this summer. So I asked my friends and followers to donate to my cause and it was a success. What I enjoyed the most is that everyone who donated are artists, friends and long time supporters, who know me and process and know what I can produce.


So, thanks to everyone's donation I was able to order the screen and it arrived in days and I didn't have to turn my bathroom into ground zero. I’m returning the favor by sending out shirts to everyone that donated, however I may not offer the design on a white T-shirt, but we will see. 

To ensure that screen is perfect I have printed a few color proofs that will be available in my shop. Using promo code “CircleSquare” for free shipping!



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